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Cell Processing Center (CPC)

Saisei Mirai immunotherapy laboratory for the production of GcMAF, Hyper T/NK cells, lymphocytes and other immunotherapies.

Saisei Mirai Immunotherapy Facility

Overview of the Cell Processing Center

Cell Processing Cneter (CPC)

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About Saisei Mirai Cell Processing Center (CPC)

Saisei Mirai Immunotherapy Facility is approved and registered as a medical clinic in Japan.

What we do

We manufacture our own specialized immunotherapies, such as:

Our laboratory also conducts in-house research as well as in collaboration with Tokushima University in Japan.

Our specialized sterile Cell Processing Center (CPC) and team of highly skilled laboratory staff

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Clean clothes Security doors Microscope work
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Carbon dioxide incubator Centrifuge Sterile cabinet

Overview of the Cell Processing Center

R mirai Clinic
3-34-8 Okubo-cho
Osaka 570-0012, Japan


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