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Resurrection Clinics Europe

Proper functioning of the immune system is a guarantee of Your Good Health Now and in the Future

We are currently witnessing a real breakthrough in immunological and genetic cancer therapies with innovative methods of treatment, which are virtually free of any adverse side effects as compared to chemotherapy.

– personalized cancer vaccines
– immunotherapies
– stem cell therapy

The auto-vaccine or autologous cancer vaccine is derived from tissue fragments of the patient’s own cancer and in the event of positive reaction the immune system becomes stimulated to recognize and destroy cancer cells, or it can significantly decrease the progression of the disease.
Immunotherapies, which can be used concurrently with the vaccine, are designed to activate lymphocytes in order to recognize cancer cells and to maintain the body’s defence mechanism active for a long time.
The new method of production of antibodies derived from cancer tissue has been covered by patents globally and it often brings impressive results. The combination gene therapy enables replacement of single sequences of DNA and it can effectively contribute to the cell transformation, its consequent repair and final regeneration.
As each of us is an exceptional and orignal individual several main and accompanying therapy concepts have been proposed to treat cancer effectively and quite many of them bring astounding results. Our key objective is to support such efforts based on the continuous progress of research and with regard to promising perspectives in the future.