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Here we try to answer the questions we are asked the most.


How high are the costs?

The costs depend on which therapies you want to use. A small overview can be found under the heading treatment costs.

My dad has cancer. Can you help us?

In most cases we can help. For most cancers we have therapies with clinically proven improvements.

Do we have to come to the clinic in Germany or the Netherlands?

You don’t necessarily have to come to Dusseldorf. To create a treatment plan and a medical offer, we need as much information and medical documents.

Can we do the therapy at home?

There are therapies that you can do at home, but most therapies can only be done in our clinics by medical staff.

Will the costs be covered by the health insurance?

All our therapies and treatments are private therapies and therefore not covered by health insurance.

Can the therapy be used in combined with chemotherapy?

All of our therapies can be used in combination with other therapies, but because of the physical stress, we don’t recommend performing such therapies at the same time.

Have you already treated this cancer?

Our clinics have already treated many cancers, unfortunately, there are always individual so is the patient. Therefore, a consultation with one of our doctor makes sense.

What is your success rate?

Our therapies are very successful, please note that every human being is an individual and success depends on several factors.

How long does a therapy take?

The duration of therapy depends on the Therapy and the diagnosis.