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P53 Gene Therapy

P53 Gene Therapy

The most modern therapy – with direct intervention for defective genes.

Cause of carcinogenesis is due to the mutation of DNS (DNA).

The gene therapy treatment is to minimize these degenerate cells.

There are 2 gene therapies at the Resurrection clinic.

While the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy occurs after 1-2 months,

Gene therapy shows already positive result after 2-3 weeks.

Further while there is no development of resistance in gene therapy it is also used by weakened Immunity and is not contraindicated by chemotherapy or irradiation.

  1. New Gene-therapy JG-1

The new gene therapy JG-1 is a highly effective therapy, consisting results of the

CDC6shRNA activating genes and p16 Suppresionsgene.

CDC6shRNA Activating genes switched of the mechanism of endless replication from the cancer cells by the so-called highly active cancers DNA duplication activation factor, after these cancer cells are destroyed.

In the process of the defective DNA repair with the actual p16 tumor Supprresionsgene p53 is added, which has the capability the defective p53 genes to repair and will lead to a tumor self-destruction (apoptosis).

  1. E 10 A

E10A is a medication with the help of the vector (Transporter) adenovirus 5, endostatin genes and interferon genes are attached directly to the cancer.

The endostatin is the most effective vascularization blocker for preventing neovascularization and metastasis building of the tumor, which will leads to apoptosis (self-destruction)

and necrosis of the cancer cells.

E10 A is mainly indicated for tumors in solid form in the head and neck region, at a

Liver-CA, Pancreatic CA, Lung-CA, Colon-CA, Prostate-CA.

Characteristics of the gene therapy:

  1. No formation of resistance.

  2. Local Infusion therapy (about 2-3 hours time schedule) or Injection directly into the tumor.

  3. Virtually no side effects.

  4. Parallel therapies with SDT / PDT, immunotherapy with GcMAF, chemotherapy, radiation high dose Vit.C or integrative immunotherapy will increase the effectiveness.

  5. Width indication for all cancers, regardless of age.